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I’d heard about the post-baby hair shedding from other moms, but having made it 4 months postpartum without any major hair loss, I figured I’d avoided it.


After a shower, it looks like Psycho, only with hair instead of blood. I find my long hair everywhere, even more than before. Because it’s so long, it doesn’t come out in clumps, but in tangly nests of hair. It’s disgusting.

And why did Mother Nature time it so that all of my hair is falling out right when my baby is starting to reach with her hands and put everything in her mouth? I feel like I’m constantly finding a hair caught in her fingers or just about to go in her mouth. Yuck.

Ah, well! I can at least feel very lucky that THIS is my problem, and not the hair loss chemo can cause, or some issue that sends me back into the “Is it cancer?” tailspin. For once, I know EXACTLY what this is!