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I often get asked about Emmie’s name, or the name of the blog, and so I thought I’d explain the meaning behind both of them (because if you know me at all, you know everything has a meaning behind it!).

Emmie May Rose: named for Peter’s grandmother, Emmi.  Grandma Emmi was a force, the absolute hardest worker anyone has ever met, and capable of meeting any challenge. She raised 4 kids on Grandpa Heinz’s janitor-watchman income, has reupholstered couches, La-Z-Boys, cars, RVs, and countless chairs. She has tiled floor, painted walls, sewn wedding dresses, and made most of her wardrobe. She could find the most phenomenal deals at stores and regularly haggled prices down at WalMart. And Grandma Emmi herself was named for HER aunt, Emmy. I like that it’s a family name, but everyone has their own spelling.

May: My mother’s mother’s middle name, my middle name, and the middle name of every girl cousin on my mother’s side.

Rose: Alicia‘s middle name.

Sunshine and Shadows: This seemed to be the name most emblematic of our experiences over this summer. We had the most brilliant sunshine in our perfect little girl, and the darkest shadows we’ve ever experienced in my diagnosis and Peter’s loss of his beloved grandmother. It’s also the name of a quilt pattern, which seems appropriate, given my quilting/sewing hobby.