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Emmie had her 4 month appointment today. She’s two feet, one inch (25″), and weighs exactly 12 lbs, 5.6 oz. Overall, she’s doing great!

I can’t tell you how happy that made me (for those playing catch-up: 1256 is “our” number. It’s a long story, but we were married at 12:56, and I’m convinced Emmie was born at 12:56 AM, even though the docs looked at the clock at 12:58).

Even since I last wrote, she’s growing and learning even more. Her latest trick is to do what looks like a crunch. While on her back, she lifts her enormous head up and tucks her chin in. I think she’s trying to get a better look at everything around.

She’s consistently bringing toys, clothes, blankets, my hair and anything else she can get her hands on straight to her mouth. It’s really fun to see her starting to explore her world so much more and to see her process all the new textures and tastes.

She also learned the hard way that sometimes toys can hurt. I was dangling a ring toy in front of her, she grabbed it and pulled it really hard toward her mouth. It whacked her straight it the head (her aim isn’t exactly stellar yet) and she just looked at me, shocked for a moment. After a few seconds, the pain set in and she just cried and cried, poor thing. Betrayed by her friend, the rings!

Her torticollis is doing very well. We went to PT yesterday and they couldn’t even tell which direction she had to work on, so that’s very good!

Linguistically, she has started playing with bilabials. Her favorite is to make a /f/ or a /v/ sound (tucking her bottom lip under her top lip, since she doesn’t exactly have teeth yet). She can make MASSIVE spit bubble streams with this. I think she actually prefers it when she has lots of spit because when I wipe it off (because it’s streaming down her huge cheeks) she usually gives me a look and stops doing it. It’s just no fun without all that spit!

She’s giggling more often now, but every time she laughs, she gives herself the hiccups. Without fail. I don’t think I would laugh very much either, if that were the case.

She calms so easily, it’s not even funny (most of the time, anyway). Even after her shots today, when she was screaming bloody murder because it hurt, she was cold AND it was nap time, she calmed almost as soon as I picked her up and cuddled her. She’s also PROBABLY the snuggliest baby of all time. Just sayin’.

Because I love her face:

4 months:
12 lb 5.6 oz (18th percentile)
25″ (74th percentile)