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So I know I’ve already talked about the ridiculousness that is my postpartum hair loss. Boring! But it seriously is starting to take over my life. We’re finding hairs from my head entwined in Emmie’s little fingers, stuck on her pacifiers, not to mention all over anything I ever wear. And since Peter read something about the dangers of hairs cutting off circulation in tiny fingers, toes and other appendages, every time he finds one, he remarks on the deadly hair he just found.

I, too, have been reading the internet, and one of the things I found said that this hair loss is more noticeable in people with longer hair. Hmm… ergo, ipso facto, it’s LESS noticeable with SHORTER hair! Guess who’s getting a hair cut!

Since I am in desperate need of a hair cut anyway (I’ve only had one in the past 6+ months, and that one was so terrible, I wanted to cry after it, but I was in the middle of the cancer stuff, immediately postpartum, so I had enough perspective to NOT actually cry), I decided there’s no time like the present! I am planning on a pretty drastic cut, but not as short as the terribly ill-advised bob I had several years ago. My face is just too round for that. For once, I have a picture of what I want, and it’s even my own hair, so I know it should be able to do something like that again. Now, whether or not my rapidly-thinning postpartum hair agrees is another story, but my stylist has had her own baby, so I’m hoping she’ll have some good ideas.

If the end result is good, there will be pictures here. If not… well, maybe we can all commiserate over bad haircuts.