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I have soooo much to write about (travels, friends, my brother’s wedding, among many other things), but something happened today that pushed all of that stuff to the side (I was procrastinating anyway, so I guess it won’t make too much of a difference).

During the trip, which was awesome and lovely, I started to get some side pain. I thought it was from having to carry 9+ pieces of heavy luggage down a storey all by myself, not to mention the general joys of packing and unpacking almost every day. I tried really hard not to wear myself out, but there’s only so much you can do, you know! Anyway, I got back from the trip and thanks to my MIL, who came out to take care of us while my parents stayed in Reno for important medical things, I was able to rest quite a bit. I fully expected this pain to get better and go away with a little sleep and time in bed.

Well, it wasn’t getting as better as I had hoped and Peter started to get worried. I wasn’t too worried, but since he is usually pretty calm about things, I called the doc and we set up a CT scan for today (since my PET scan wasn’t scheduled for another week or so). I had the scan and got the results back tonight, which seemed like a crazy quick turn around.

Unfortunately, it was not good news. It looks like one of my kidney mets has grown something like 5-6 cm, my liver met has also grown by a fair bit, as has my adrenal glad met. All in all, not good. It looks like the Keytruda isn’t stopping the melanoma like it had been, so now we need to figure out Plan B. My doc will call the Sloan Kettering doc tomorrow to see what he recommends as a next step (could be a clinical trial or there might be some other option he recommends).

We knew we would get this news at some point, so it’s not shocking or anything. It is too bad, though, that’s for sure. I know I still have a vaguel faint hope that this is just from all the exertion of travel and I’ll rebound, but given the rapid growth, my doc didn’t seem too optimistic that this would be the case 🙂

So keep the thoughts and prayers coming for some new option because I really don’t know what the next steps are for me now!