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So unfortunately, nothing good. Basically, there is no new great drug waiting in the wings that we know about, but it is possible that there might be a clinical trial at the local University Hospital. We will see.

In the meantime, I am trying to really make do with what time I have (because I could have months or I could have weeks. We really don’t know). I don’t want to waste a second because this shit seems to be moving fast. I am journaling for Peter and Emmie, I am trying to gather together the books for Emmie’s library (even if I don’t get notes written for each one), and I am thinking about what I really, really want to get done before I go.

With that, I’m going to stop this little entry and get PJ’s wedding blogged. So many pictures!

(This entry is not meant to freak anyone out at all. My oncologist has not given me any “warning bells” or anything, it’s just that I really do not want to be taken by surprise and this shit really does seem to be moving fairly fast, given the rate of progression since the last PET scan. So don’t freak out!!!)