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For the past few months I’ve been feeling Great! Wonderful! Fantastic! Everyone who sees me says I look Great! Wonderful! Fantastic! Things have been pretty stable, if nothing else. My home health nurse visits got super boring with nothing to report at every visit, and normal vitals all the time.

As I noted the other day, things weren’t quite so peachy keen at my last visit.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was feeling a little queasy when I woke up at 4 am, so I took a promethazine, my go-to anti-nausea. When I woke up for real at 7 or 8 with Emmie, I didn’t really have an appetite, but I picked at half a chocolate chip muffin anyway and had a small glass of milk.

About an hour later, Peter, Emmie and I headed to Emmie’s dentist appointment. I had planned on driving, but Peter did, which turned out to be an extremely good thing. About 5 minutes in, I had to grab the barf bag we thankfully always keep in the cars and it all came back up. Based on previous experience, this would have happened with or without anything in my stomach, but since I had eaten, it was extremely good we had the bag handy. After that, I half-slept the rest of the way, kind of freaking Peter out because I was dreaming conversations and responding out loud.

Once we got to the dentist, I was OK, and I was ok after that, if still sleepy.

All of this was extra bad timing because Peter, Emmie and I were all supposed to get on the train in Denver early this morning to go out to California for my little brother’s wedding. Peter, having just finished a similar train trip to Michigan only last week-ish, was very worried about putting me on a train for 30+ hours, with no way to help me if things got bad.

So while I was sleeping it off yesterday, he bought me a plane ticket on the same flight as my parents tonight. Since it’s Southwest, I could use it and be fine, or we could cancel if I felt better and we would still have credits to use later.

This morning, I could tell pretty early on that I was still not 100%, so I made the call to skip the train this morning, fly to Reno with my parents tonight and catch the train with Peter and Emmie tomorrow morning when it passes through Reno (hooray for amazing geographic coincidences!).

I’m going slightly back up on most of my meds in the hopes that lowering them is what was causing all these issues. By giving myself another day, I’m hoping that this will resolve itself and the rest of our trip will be smooth sailing. I really hope so because even though I have a lot of rest built in, it will still be a fairly busy trip! Lots of sightseeing and friend-seeing, not to mention my brother’s wedding itself! Emmie gets to be the flower girl and she is so excited. I think she will be a very serious flower girl, intent on her important flower-dropping business, based on our practice runs. She’s very good about methodically dropping a petal on each side, with almost exactly the same spacing every time. Who has time to smile with all that?

(And if you are thinking about stealing things from us, we have a very large male friend and our large, very fierce(ish?) dog just waiting for you).

So, fingers crossed all goes well!

Here’s a sneak peek of Emmie in a dress that is NOT the final choice. She had to test the “twirly-ness” of each dress very thoroughly. This was funny because before starting shopping, she preferred “kinda straight” dresses. Not so after she realized the joys of twirling!IMG_5754