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I have a lot of fun drafts piling up in my blog, but I haven’t been able to finish them because the past several days I’ve just been too tired. I’m trying to wean down off of several drugs. I intended it to be one at a time, but it has kind of turned out that I’ve ended up weaning off 3 drugs at once (steroids, pain patch and anti-nausea drug).

I’ve been feeling really tired the past 3-4 days, and today when my home health nurse came by, she noticed that I had a slight fever and elevated heart rate. I’ve also had slightly achy joints and have been feeling cold (even when the temperature has been over 90). I actually felt a little better that there were some real physical signs to corrborate my fatigue; I had been feeling badly that even after 9 days of rest and relaxation, I was still tired! So at least my body was showing some kind of reason for it?

So unfortunately, my other posts will have to wait until we get back from my brother’s wedding (there are some good ones! Like Emmie’s *amazing* room transformation!). Right now, I’m off to sleep…zzzz….