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So yesterday we decided to try a whole new method of pain control (if it ain’t broke, try something new!). Actually there were some good reasons to try this new method, so I was game. The biggest reason (in my mind) was to get rid of the 5 lb. pain pump I had to carry with me everywhere. It was SO annoying and heavy, and I would often put it down, forget that I had it attached and walk away from it. Luckily, the tug on on PICC line was gentle enough that it didn’t actually hurt me (it would have if I had been running at a really fast clip, but I don’t think I’m even capable of running that fast right now.)

So instead of the automatic IV pain pump, I have some pain patches and some pills I will be taking. Hopefully it all works out well! So far, the only difference I’ve noticed is that I’ve been more fatigued than usual, but but it’s hard to say if that’s due to the drug or something else. My mom is going to pick Emmie up from school, but I’m tired enough I that I think I’m going to skip this one out and let Mom just bring her here (it’s been a special “treat” lately to have Mama also come to pick Emmie up, but I am just too tired today.) I can take 3 naps a day and still feel tired! Granted, My naps usually only last about 20 minutes or so, so take this advice at face value, but still!

I’ve been doing more “outings,” like I went to Emmie’s music class last night. It was really, really fun to surprise the other parents there, as well as the teacher. I actually did pretty well in class; I had a few moments of tiredness, but overall, I was able to keep up with the class in general. I didn’t do any jumping, but I did do all the other motions and actions. We’ve have friends come over almost every day, and for the most part I’ve been able to stay awake a decent amount of time. To be fair, yesterday and today, my sweet guests had to decide on their own when to leave (when I started falling asleep right in front of them), but it was usually after a good hour or so. So… I guess that’s good? I do know that it means I have very sweet and polite friends who don’t want me to over extend myself (which I apparently want to do to myself all the time, haha).

If you want to come visit me, you are more than welcome to come say hi, chat for a while then poke me when I start falling asleep. Doesn’t it sound like a blast?