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Yesterday, I spent most of the day trying to get my meds all in a row. Today, I got to reap the benefits of all that hard work. In fact, I felt so well, I was able to take a little excursion into Denver (with a LOT of help) to go see the final days for the Cartier exhibit. Yes, I needed a wheelchair the whole time, and yes, I may have taken a snooze break here and there, but I did it! I don’t foresee that becoming a regular occurrence, sadly, since I would love to not be “home bound,” but I was really proud of myself, nonetheless.

I’m really excited because I think this means that I will have more energy for things around the house, like maybe some sewing projects with my mom. I also had more energy to deal with Emmie tonight, which was great timing, as she was not in her most magical of moods tonight. We got to play together and read together. I also got to do some parenting, which while not always fun, always makes me feel useful.

I never get tired of hearing how much better I look, but it was especially nice today, since the difference is just from yesterday! I think the lesson from all of this is to help my helpers recognize the signs of withdrawal, since that has happened twice to me, and has made me feel more awful than any treatment or anything else. It seems really hard for me to recognize the signs in myself, though, so I think if those close to me can recognize those signs and symptoms, then maybe we can cut these periods of suffering a little bit shorter and we can get me some help a little bit faster.