We first met Delilah when Peter and I were on our grand tour of the country after graduating from college. She was about 8 months old the (I think. Memory eventually betrays us all.). She was the sweetest little white fluffy pup and really not very barky as those kinds of dogs are wont to be. We have the greatest picture of Daisy sitting in Peter’s very small bag, just waiting to be packed right along with everything else. I swear if she talk, she would have told us exactly where to get off.

She was my Fairy Godmother’s boon companion and they saw each other through the the bet of of and the worst of times. We all knew she was getting older, but we were in denial about what that would mean for FG (Fairy Godmother). Sadly, just a few days ago, Daisy passed away. In an odd bid of good (?) timing, FG will be coming here in just a few days, so we can commiserate, give hugs and generally be there for each other.

In other odd timing of the universe, I lost a cousin this morning. It’s not my story to tell, and in fact, I know very little about the circumstances, but it does just add to the sorrow of this time.

Stepping away from these tragedies as much as possible, which still giving them their due respect. I have to say that the new pain regimen seems to be working! I don’t the need the IV dilaudid, I am usually able to get through most days without needing an pill (what?!?!) and the Fentanyl patches seem to be managing most of the pain all on their lonesome! This is truly awesome since my goal has always been to have fewer meds (while still keeping the minimum of what I need.

Also in good news, the weather has been AMAZING. It feels like it’s been 60s or 70s and I’ve been trying to take advantage of that. I planted several different kinds of carrots and tomorrow I plan on trying to try a few different kinds of kale, kohlrabi, chard, and perpetual spinach.