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I keep meaning to write about various and sundry snippets of our lives, but then I know that I *should* be writing Emmie’s monthly letter (10 days overdue, as of this moment, still only half-written when we are already halfway to the next), and so then I don’t write anything. Feh.

But today is a day worthy of writing for today is the day Peter installed our new front door. Huzzah!

I should have taken a picture of our old front door, with the light streaming in around all the edges. You know how they say if you can see daylight around a closed door, it’s not a good sign? Imagine how good it must be to see lots and lots of daylight on all four sides! Peter once ran an extension cord out through the front and could close the door with nary a whisper of resistance right over the cord. I made a draft stopper for under the door, since there was literally a BREEZE of cold air coming in once the weather turned, and I never had to move it, since I could just open the door right over the thick pillow of rice. Sheesh!

The door was original to our 1962 house, and in addition to its excellent sealing properties, it also was essentially half single-pane glass, so any passersby had a beautifully clear view directly into our hallway and living room, especially at night. I didn’t really think about it until the neighborhood urchins came by to meet us for the first time and asked to see Emmie’s pink and black shoes, which they had already scoped out by peeking through the front door sometime when we were not there. Creepy!

So although the timing of the new door was not ideal, as the delivery time put us well into cold weather season, already it is LOADS better. Peter noted that even without being sealed and with holes where the knob and lock would go in, there was already a noticeable difference from the old door. That might have also been the hypothermia talking, since we literally had a 3 by 7 foot hole in the house for most of the day. Thankfully, Peter decided NOT to do it yesterday, when the high was in the low 30s, but today was not exactly a scorcher.

No pictures yet, since it still needs molding to be pretty and finished, but I already love it so much! And Peter is my HERO for doing this on his precious day off (outside, in the cold, basically on his own while I herded dogs and babies away from the hole in the wall).