Sorry, no pictures yet, but soon, I promise! I’m frantically tapping away on my iPad because Emmie is SLEEPING! Oops, I just doomed myself.

Anyway, yesterday was fun. Emmie is still too young to really get what Halloween is about, but she was much more aware than last year, when she was just a little baby lump. She did pretty well at daycare, although I could tell she was a little weirded out by all the teachers wearing funny clothes. She was a cowgirl at daycare and LOVED her hat and boots (accessories!). I went to go see the “parade,” which was a mistake. She’s always FINE when I just drop her off or pick her up, but me coming back and then leaving without her was awful. She did not like that one bit! But for this to be the first time I’ve left her in tears is really not bad at all!

When I picked her up from daycare, she was fine again, but as soon as we got home, the crying started. Blame it on over tiredness, overstimulation, or those neon orange cupcakes at daycare, but everything was terrible and nothing was good in the world of Emmie. To Peter’s befuddlement, my solution was to put on her costume and go trick or treating. For other kids, this might have been a surefire path to a meltdown, but for Emmie, distraction is key. And nothing distracts like novelty. And nothing is more novel and unfamiliar to a baby than being out after dark, people in masks, kids running around in crazy clothes and the giant haunted pirate ship house of awesomeness our neighbors put up. We made it to all of our immediate neighbors’ houses and even a little longer.

By the time Peter had finished her bath, she was D.O.N.E. I’m amazed her eyes were still even open. Sometimes that kind of over tiredness leads to terrible sleep, other times it apparently leads to a solid night of sleep followed by sleeping in (she nursed at 5:30, then went back to sleep and is still there at almost 8). Today is All Saint’s Day, so may they all be praised!!!

Ah! She stirs!