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Shannon got some sleep last night. The Vicodin seems to be doing a better job of balancing pain and frequency of medication. Baby is still kicking up a storm. Took some videos during the last monitoring of her moving all the electrodes around. Trying to keep enough food around for Shannon to get what she needs. Still can’t chew anything, but apparently not many people eat in the ICU so there’s no regular meal service for Shannon. Been ordering lots of yogurt and chocolate milk and soup. She’s resting a bit right now while baby lets her. We’re hoping that they will have a room ready for her in antepartum in the next few hours. The ENT mentioned that she might be able to get the drain removed in the next day or two which will be nice since the tube running into the incision is one of the most uncomfortable parts for Shannon. The nurses are doing a great job. Hopefully she will be in a room and a state to have visitors by tomorrow. The messages continue to be wonderful and uplifting. Thanks so much for everyone that has been taking the time to leave them.