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We’ve successfully transferred to Antepartum. Shannon is resting up after the exertion of the move and a tasty Ensure. :). The room is more like a hotel room and has a little couch so I can stay the night here. We got to spend some time with the high-risk OB when we arrived and everything seems good. We were able to get Vicodin up to four hour increments and off the morphine. She’s resting peacefully now and baby is letting up a bit. This should be a comfortable place to spend the next four or five days until Shannon is well enough to come home. She’s anxious to get the pathology report. I’m anxious as well since it will probably bring with it another roller coaster of emotions regardless of the results, it will bring about the necessity of considering the next stage of treatment. Nice and quiet here so hopefully I can catch up on a few things that need to be dealt with from school. We’ll give Shannon the night to recuperate and probably be ready to start taking a few visitors tomorrow. I know there are some people that are anxious to see Shannon, but please keep in mind that personal visits are taxing and would be best if they’re brief (15 minutes). Please don’t feel like you have to come by. Shannon loves to read the messages that everyone is posting here and texting to her phone and feels very connected to everyone as a result. We’ll keep you updated as she feels more up to longer visits. Feel free to contact Jill if you would like to visit and we’ll try and figure out a time when Shannon is feeling up to it. Once Shannon is released and at home I think she will really enjoy some more extended visits with everyone.