Until the end of October, 2015, the 90 minute broadcast of Shannon’s “Celebration of Life” can be replayed through the following website:
Click on the circled arrow under the section “Webinar and Webcast Schedule”
Scroll down to “A Celebration of the Life of Shan…” and click on it. (There are 2 parts; the 1st is 25 minutes and the 2nd is 1 hour 8 minutes)
A pop up screen should then show up with the video if your computer is capable of playing it. There are parts you will want to fast forward through; click your mouse on the small right arrow. You can make the video screen bigger but if you do that, you will not be able to see the accompanying dialog and pictures.
The Celebration of Life was put together on very short notice by an army of wonderful people dubbed “Team Shannon.” We have so many to thank, including the Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, Mother Kae and the Church of the Beloved, the folks who assisted with the liturgy, childcare, reception, music, video…and so many more. You are forever special to us.