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Home! I actually got home sometime in the afternoon, relatively quickly by our standards. There was only one little hiccup in the whole gig, which honestly was not too shabby. Place A said they would get the pump and meds to the hospital by 11, and Place B and Place C were like, “Where are they?” and eventually they DID get there, via courier or mail (not sure which), but not by 11, although they did get there! At some point! I don’t know. I was zoning out, playing Plants vs. Zombies on my iPad.

It’s so funny because one of my very strongest memories of Alicia in hospice is me bringing my brand-new iPad (1st Gen, super old now) to her and seeing her so excited about it. Probably the only game I had on it was Plants vs. Zombies, and I remember asking her is she was SURE she wanted to spend her precious time playing it instead of talking with and saying goodbye to her friends. She got SO MAD at me for asking her that (I mean, mad for Alicia) because SHE wanted to have control of her time and, YES! she wanted to play the game! I still think about how her fingerprints must still be on there, somewhere. So it’s kind of funny that now I am the one playing PvZ on a (different) iPad in a kind of similar situation.

Back to said situation: We got the pain pump stuff all worked out, I’m at home now, pain is relatively under control (no longer crawling the walls!) and I have an appointment with the people at the PSL trial on Thursday to chat about things. What things, I do not know, but my guess would be things like qualifications and things like that. They will likely want me to do an MRI to see if brain mets are stable, but this is sheer conjecture on my part.

It is pretty late here now and all of a sudden, I just got very tired. (Funny story, earlier this afternoon, I was reading something on my iPad and something woke me up and I opened my eyes and realized that my forehead was about an inch away from the screen, which had long been dark. Apparently I was very tired).

So, off to bed with me because I am back at home home now, without the luxury of nurses and other such things.

Good night, my sweet friends! Thank you for thinking of me and I am glad that all has worked out as we had hoped thus far!