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While I’m still in the hospital, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and hopefully not a blinky red or green one accompanied by endless beeping). I should be discharged tomorrow from this lovely palace so that I can go home with my very own PCA (not 100% positive what that stands for, but it basically means my very own little pain pump I can carry around on a fanny pack, rather than roll around on a giant IV stand-thing). This is great because otherwise I would be here for another 48 hours, what with the lovely holiday weekend and all, meaning that the pharmacies would be closed and I couldn’t get the pump, and I just don’t really understand it all, but I would rather go home sooner than later, ya’ know? Yeah.

So. That’s the plan, but we’ll see how it all shakes out. If anyone had ever dealt with a hospital discharge, NEVER plan on a time. They may say 11 AM, but it might be 3 or even 7 PM by the time you actually get to walk out of there when all is said and done and the pharmacist is visited and the papers are signed and then BOOM! before you know it, you are out on the street, free as a bird.

Mostly, it’s just a looooooot of waiting. Ah, well. We’ve done this enough that we know not to make any plans. Mostly hurry up and wait. Get things packed enough so that when they say “go,” we can, but not so packed that there is no way to pass the time. Weird middle ground to find.

Hey! With no segue at all, I need to give a lovely shoutout to my beautiful lioness, Stephanie in CA, who has enabled me to write in bed in a comfortable way (well except for the constant falling asleep, but she really can’t do much about that, but…). My sleep schedule is so, so off that it’s not even funny. I am usually awake during the day and fine, but then at about 7 PM, my eyes start involuntarily closing. I’ll sleep until some random time in the night (it used to be 4 AM exactly, but that has been changing), and then I will be up until maybe 6, when I fall back asleep again until 9-11 AM. Weird, I say!

I have tried to finish this post probably 10 different times (including just now, haha!), and each time I just start to fall asleep. Once, my forehead fell so close to the keyboard that I genuinely worried about both my forehead and my laptop.

Welp… the nurse just came in and apparently I’ve been asleep for about an hour. I pushed my pain button (yay! Since my is actually hurting), I’ll try to tie this post off somehow, and then I’d better get to sleep! The circus of my beautiful family will be arriving around 9, so I need to get at least a little sleep before then!

Goodnight, my most beloved readers!