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Many little girls Emmie’s age are very, very into princesses. I was so into pink and fluffy dresses at 3 that my mom had to make a rule that if there was snow on the ground, I could wear a dress as long as I wore pants under it.

Emmie is aware of princesses. She saw an ad for Olympic ice skating and said “Princesses!” when she saw their sparkly dresses. Her alleged favorite part of the movie Frozen, was seeing the princesses (I think she actually liked the little snowman and the reindeer).

Even though she knows about princesses, she really, actually loves… monsters.

We bought the girl pack of pull-ups, which thankfully has princesses, Minnie Mouse, AND some monsters from Monsters, Inc. As we neared the end of the pack, Emmie increasingly refused to wear anything except the monster diapers. I secretly was overjoyed that she was rejecting gender stereotypes… until we had nothing but princess diapers she refused to wear. After some negotiation, she agreed to wear princess diapers if we would buy the pack with cars and monsters once they were gone. Phew! Of course, now that we have the boy pack with no princesses, she is still refusing to wear anything except monsters!

Emmie doesn’t care about dresses, but she loves being “fancy” with bracelets and necklaces. Just don’t tell her that most of her bracelets are actually plastic shower curtain rings! Emmie loves to wear her tool belt and work on her tool bench to “make things” with Daddy, and she also loves to take care of her babies. She likes clips and headbands in her hair, but only because they keep the hair out of her face.

Emmie doesn’t understand gender norms yet, so I am going to try to love and embrace this time while it lasts…