I am hereby committing to posting once a day. I’m not going to penalize myself for missing a day every now and then, but I will absolutely try to post every day. If I can do it now, during the Olympics (OLYYYYMPIIIIICS!), then I should be able to do it anytime.

I’ve been letting too many moments pass by. Emmie is non-stop until she drops, but once she is in bed, I have time to record some of these truly precious, incredible moments before they slip away, replaced by the next adorable thing.

Emmie’s figured out the concept of “favorites,” at least as a conversation topic. She is desperate to converse with us and fills any space with some way to get our attention. For the LONGEST time, it was just “Mama? Mama!” with nothing after. Then for a while it was “I love you!” which was awesome, of course. But still mostly “Mama!” or “Daddy!” Since hanging out with her “big-girl friend,” Jane, who is 10, she’s figured out that she can ask, “What your favorite color is?” After about 5 repetitions of this, we prompt her for some variation, so we might also get “What your favorite animal is?” or “What your favorite shape is?”

For the record, her favorite colors are black, with brown as a close second (apparently she is a little goth girl). She got very angry when I requested that she use some other colors on her valentine’s for her grandparents. Most depressing cards ever! Her favorite animal is an elephant, as always. Her favorite shape is a square.

She also has many, many other favorites in other areas. Basically, anything she likes is her “favorite.” When we were shopping for buttons, with each one I picked out, she would say, “Oh! That’s my favorite!” Chocolate and ice cream (or better, chocolate ice cream!) are *definitely* her favorites.

IMG_9719Here’s to more pictures, and more writing!