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I’ve been trying to be as productive as I can while Peter and Emmie are in Michigan, and I feel like I’m achieving some of that lately.

A few mornings ago, I had toast with peach jam that I made and canned the night before. I worked on a quilt, I made brownies, cleaned up the house a bit, and I ate a salad made from our own garden lettuce and tomatoes, topped with some wild caught salmon. Yum! I even got some random paperwork done that has been hanging over me for months.

Later, I canned some Hot Cumin-Pickled Summer Squash, and Blueberry Apple Jam. I still need to can my Orange Rhubarb jam, but ran into some problems getting enough rhubarb from my plant (thanks, people who totally over-harvested our poor plant literally on the day we closed!).

Now my goals are to write some more in this next week before my beloved family returns. When I think about what kind of legacy I want to leave for Emmie, and for the world at large, writing is really the only thing I feel like I have to contribute to the world that is somewhat permanent. Whether or not it’s any good, or means anything to anyone else is for others to judge, but it can’t be judged if it doesn’t exist at all.

So, off I go to write!