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I had my appointment with my oncologist this afternoon to follow up on my scans. Essentially, he was not very concerned about the things that popped up on the PET scan (there was a third thing that he and the radiologist were so unconcerned with that he didn’t mention it over the phone). However, one must be vigilant, so we will be doing a follow up CT scan in 2 months to make sure the lung thingy isn’t growing.

I always, always feel better when there is a logical explanation for things, and it sounds like there might be a logical one for the lung thingy. Apparently, anytime you have an infection in the lungs, it’s highly possible to get a totally benign lung nodule from scar tissue. This past winter, Emmie was sick with *everything* and I was lucky enough to get several of those lovely colds, including one that was very likely RSV (it was BRUTAL. Emmie got a double ear infection and was sicker than I’ve ever seen her, I got sinusitis and my mom was sick for 2 weeks). That combined with the smoke from all the fires we had through the spring meant that I was using my asthma inhaler quite a bit more often than normal, so I’m sure my lungs had a bit of damage in there!

So it sounds like Occam’s Razor should be in effect here and there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. The other things were so minor that we were debating whether it would be riskier to wait until next year’s PET scan to follow up on the hip, or else expose me to more radiation with another PET scan sooner.

In Emmie news, no longer is she the tiny, sweet little baby who quietly sat through dozens of appointments. No, this time she loudly started whining “HUNG-EE!” right during the most serious information sharing portion of the visit. She could tell we weren’t paying attention to her anymore.




Who’s two?