For the first time, literally ever, I actually care about the Super Bowl. Not the commercials, not the food, but the actual game. I actually care because of Colin Kaepernick.

He’s a fellow alum of University of Nevada Reno, which is not exactly known as a hotspot for… anything, really. His story is phenomenal no matter what, but it’s even more special coming from Reno.

So many stories have been written about him, but I think one of my favorite one is this one. It talks about how he has been underestimated from the beginning, and has defied expectations at every turn.

Reno is an underdog town. Most people know it from Reno 911, which obviously is not a documentary. It has just as much “outdoor life” to offer as Boulder, but 1/100th the number of people on the trails. University of Nevada Reno is an underdog university. Most people say, “UNLV?” No, UNR is almost 100 years older, has excellent academics and a gorgeous campus. And now, a Super Bowl-starting QB alum!

Along with the rest of Reno, I am thrilled to have something unequivocally positive to be proud of!

Never underestimate the Pack!