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“Colorado” actually means “colorful” and we got to see just where that name came from last week. Jen, who is my partner-in-crime when it comes to outdoor adventures with babies, showed us a gorgeous hike in the mountains where we got to be immersed in the gorgeous gold that is an aspen stand in the fall.

We started our hike in true mom-fashion. By waiting for our napping children to wake up. It was at this point we were both thrilled to have another mom with us. Any other non-parent would be itching to hit the trail right away after a long car ride. But moms know that you wake a sleeping baby at your peril, and it truly could ruin the rest of your day. So instead of feeling antsy or pressured to get them up, we enjoyed our own lunch, sitting on the bumper of our car along the side of the road, looking out at a gorgeous Colorado day with an incredible view.

Not too shabby!

Once the wee ones woke*, we hit the trail. I can’t even tell you how empowered we felt carrying our babies in their packs, with nary a dad in sight! Neither of us had used these particular packs before, but we both managed to get the kids in and out of them by ourselves (just to know we could do it if we ever wanted to hike alone).

How Colorado are we?

The colors did not disappoint and I had a great time taking random, attempting-to-be-artsy shots.

As I often said when people complimented me on landscapes I took on our massive USA trip, the trick to taking good pictures is to go someplace pretty!


*(Love the unintended alliteration, and alternation of the orthographic representation! Yes, friends, this is a nerd blog. How did you know?)