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I’ve been quiet here for a few reasons: 1. Emmie is now in full-blown torpedo mode. She can crawl out of sight in the blink of an eye and is getting adventurous enough to do some real damage. The other day, she spilled a huge container of olive oil all over the kitchen floor. Decontamination efforts are ongoing; 2. We are holding our breath until we close at the end of the month, and I won’t breathe easy until the keys are in our hands. I have much to say, but so much of it surrounds our new home, and I am much, much too superstitious to start counting all of those glorious chickens before they hatch.

So let’s talk about Emmie instead.

Man, oh, man. When Emmie was wee little, just weeks old, my mother-in-law was encouraging her to crawl. I tried to discourage this, sure that she would crawl when she was good and ready, but mainly, I knew that our lives would be forever changed once the mobility achievement was unlocked, and I was in no hurry for that to happen (as long as did happen at some point). I was not wrong.

She crawls faster than I ever imagined a tiny human with bitty arms and legs could crawl. She can literally be out of sight within within a second or two. It’s terrifying. I truly don’t think I could keep up with her if I were crawling too, and I have to walk pretty briskly to catch up to her when she gets going.

Each day, Emmie loses more inhibitions. She is now happily climb-crawling over any and all obstacles to reach EVERYTHING. She’s opened up every cupboard in the kitchen (which we haven’t childproofed, since “Oh, we’re moving in two weeks. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN.”).

So yeah, my days are pretty busy now, even if not much gets done. It’s a good thing she’s the cutest, most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.