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Lots of excitement around these parts, and hardly any time to blog about them.

First, Emmie is now a fully fledged crawler, up on her hands and knees and going EVERYWHERE. She is starting to pull herself up a bit, and loves crawling up and over things (her favorite is climbing into Jasper’s dog bed, where she LAUGHS as she rolls around in the dog fur. Yuck). She has learned to wave, clap, and go from sitting to crawling without batting an eye. And I swear, she is using “mamamam” to mean “I want my mama.” She only cries like that when I’ve just left her or if I’m not there. I think she knows she can get me to come back by talking to me 🙂 It also seems like she’s understanding a lot more words. Very fun.

In other huge, fun exciting news… the time has finally come to start raising money for Hope for Two: Pregnant with Cancer. I’m still nailing down all the final details, but I am SUPER excited about it. Stay tuned…