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I took off the bandage from my latest mole removal in the shower today, and about 30 seconds after I did, the burning and itching on my leg reminded me… oh yeah, I’m allergic to adhesive now.


Especially since I have to keep this bad boy covered in vaseline for the next 1-2 weeks, and it’s directly on my thigh, which means I’ll need SOMETHING to cover up the vaseline under my pants. Yuck.

So I’m trying a new plan of attack. Since the area that’s irritated is about a square inch around the biopsy site (the site of the original bandage, plus a little more), I cut out a non-adhesive pad left over from my orignal wide local excision of the original melanoma so that the pad was bigger than the irritated area. Then I cut 4 strips of medical tape into shapes as small as I could, while still being sure that they would be able to stick to the pad and part of my skin. The plan is to rotate where I put the adhesive strips, to avoid irritating my skin as much as possible, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll also try taking some antihistamine to reduce the itching and redness, since that’s what the nurse recommended last time.

Have you ever forgotten something (kinda) important, only to be reminded of it later?