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I made something! Or, more accurately, I finished something!

I started this cloth diaper for Emmie… um, a while ago. And it sat, needing only a few finishing touches, for quite a while. But now it is done, and although it is not pretty, I think it should be relatively functional. It was my first time serging a diaper, which should theoretically be faster, but definitely is not yet. In fact, I just hope that my truly awful serging will hold up in the wash.

But, as Peter often says about messy first projects, I learned a lot from it and now I have a better idea of what to do for next time. (First step: find a different pattern. The one I used was not conducive to serging and I don’t like the looks of it).


A day later, after I was able to put it on Emmie, and I am even more excited! It actually fit her fairly well (I need to add a few more snaps to help the dreaded “wing droop”), but overall, it actually worked! And she didn’t even pee through it in 5 minutes like she has with all of my other creations (needless to say, I’m not going into business anytime soon!). Very satisfying.