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Unbeknownst to This Blog, we went back to Reno for Thanksgiving. We had a superb time, thanks to my wonderful mother, who hosted 3 separate events, including Thanksgiving dinner and an open house so friends could meet little Emmie.

I still have to unpack and it’s getting late, so I’m not going to dig out the camera right now, but there will be pictures. O! will there be pictures!

It was so, so wonderful to see SO many friends and family members and it made Emmie’s first Thanksgiving an incredible one to remember.

Emmie, once again, lived up to her reputation as “the perfect baby.” I really am just holding my breath for when she decides to shatter that rep, because it will be BRUTAL. She slept most of the way both times, which was great, and didn’t cry very much either time. The flight wasn’t very full today, so we were able to take our car seat on, which was really lovely. Even though I held her for much of the trip today, it was still so nice to be able to have a place to *put* her, so I was able to read a little bit and actually eat my snack! She might have been able to hang out in her seat the whole way, but she started yelling at her toys a little bit too loudly, so into my lap she went.

VERY cute pictures to come!