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Not a whole lot of excitement around here to report. Miss Emmie seems to have  contracted a cold from somewhere. Despite her first real, persistent cough (more than just the odd cough here or there), she still smiles and is her normal happy self. So nice! We did have to buy a humidifier for her room, since there is so little you can do for coughs at this age. When we put her down tonight, she kept coughing and waking herself up, so I had the idea to put some towels under her mattress to raise it up a bit (idea courtesy of the Internets). Apparently, that was the magic ticket because we went from her waking every 5 minutes for 2 hours to not a single peep in the last 2 hours. Yay! I was REALLY not looking forward to sleeping in 5 minute increments.

We had a lovely dinner with our friends and their two little girls, then I did some crafting after Emmie was asleep. Peter found some awesome argyle fleece at JoAnn’s tonight, and I made him a fleece scarf from it that actually turned out pretty well! I’ve also been slowly working on my Christmas present list, and am having so much fun making little things for friends and family. Even though it’s killing me not to be able to share the projects, I think most of their recipients read this (or at least know about it), so I can’t risk it!

Emmie and I have a SUPER busy day tomorrow, but it’s all fun stuff, so I’m excited! Hopefully she’s still feeling well enough to go out and about because it’s going to be a fun day!