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Last night, when I was changing my band-aid over my 2 stitches from the latest biopsy, I noticed a small area around the incision site was red, bumpy and itchy. Awesome. Since redness around the site is usually one of the things they want to check on (since it could be a sign of infection), I called the after-hours nurse this morning to see if I needed to get to Urgent Care or if it was nothing to worry about. I wasn’t terribly worried about infection, but I really didn’t want something to flare up on a Sunday, when the ER would have been my only choice.

The nurse confirmed my hypothesis, developed from some quick Googling– likely an allergy to the adhesive or something used during prep for the biopsy. She recommended I take some Benadryl and see how it goes.

I had a momentary panic attack after buying and taking said Benadryl when I realized… I never asked if it was OK for nursing moms! Crap! You can never get complacent about medications when you are pregnant/nursing. Some more quick Googling on the awesome site kellymom showed that I was probably pretty darn safe, as far as things goes. Phew!

I left all bandages off today, just in case, and lo and behold, you can clearly tell exactly where the band-aid was by the lovely little red rash in the exact shape and outline of the band-aid. Awesome.

Thus far, the Benadryl seems to be doing squat, other than making me fall asleep at 7:30 tonight (could NOT figure out why I fell asleep so early, until I looked at the pills on the table and thought, DUH!). At least it’s not infected, and really, it’s just a little annoying and itchy, but could be worse.

Try not to be too jealous of our wild Saturday night!