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It seems that no one’s life can go untouched by cancer, and I am obviously no exception. Right now, I know several people who are battling cancer. None are close enough for me to call up and wish them well, but I still think of them often.

The only problem is that if I dwell on it too much, that familiar sadness comes to sit heavy on my chest once again. I fight against that darkness so much on my own that I try not to give it any opportunities to insinuate itself back into my life (because sometimes it is stickier than others, and will not be shaken off easily).

But at the same time, I MUST give my friends my love, good thoughts and prayers, because I UNDERSTAND. I was helped so very VERY much by talking to my own friends who had been in my shoes (or been with a loved one through cancer) that I must return the favor. Survivors and fighters need to stick together. To know they are not alone.

But still, to protect my own heart, to keep fighting my own battles, I have to limit my involvement. I send good thoughts and positive energy, but try not to get too wrapped up in thinking about what they must be going through. Sympathy can be a wonderful thing, but it helps no one if it just serves as a trigger for my own memories.

We must each stay whole if we are to serve as a support for others.