About a year ago, I made a fun little pouch for a dear friend. It was a very cathartic purse, because it was the first thing I sewed after Alicia passed away and it helped to pull me out of the understandable sadness I felt after that.

It was so fun to pick out the fabrics to use from my (too-large) stash, and even more fun because I knew they would be appreciated by my friend. The project itself was relatively simple, but momentous for me because it was not only my first time making pleats, but also… my first zipper (duhn duhn DUHN).

Zippers were SO intimidating to me. Like, crazy intimidating. But I sucked it up, gutted it out, and found that it really wasn’t that bad! And there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something you didn’t think you could do when you started.

So I proudly gave it to my friend, and she carried it with her every day since then. Until this weekend, when some awful people broke her car window and stole her purse (with this, and other more important things). I just happened to come across these pictures and thought it would be nice to have a little “memorial” for the purse-let. May its new, nefarious owners be transformed by its awesomeness and repent from their life of crime (HA! But it would be REALLY nice if they did, if only for my friend’s sake!). More happily, I’m already plotting the fun fabrics to use for her replacement pouch!

In other sewing news, my sewing machine is not working right. This makes me so sad. I’ve been using my serger a lot lately, so I didn’t even notice until I pulled out my trusty Pfaff yesterday afternoon to start a project I’ve been excited about. But my plans were foiled. I could only sew a few stitches before everything would go all caterwompus.

I tried my basic troubleshooting, but since my machine is due for servicing anyway (and I’ve certainly put enough time on it that it needs it), I’ll just take it in and have it checked out.

I have piles and piles of gorgeous fabric just itching to be used, and almost as many ideas for ways to use them, but my free time is (understandably) a bit limited. I feel guilty sewing while Emmie is awake, even if she is perfectly content doing tummy time or playing with her toys, and then I feel guilty sewing while she sleeps because there is always something that needs to be done around the house. I just need to remind myself that BALANCE is key and I am a much happier person if I allow myself the little pleasures, like sewing. Now I just need to get my Pfaff going again so I can get started on the pouch (and a dozen other projects!).