Draft written by Shannon, posted by her mom, Gretchen.

I always write this after I come back form being on withdrawal, but man does it feel good! It’s not even like I can feel the narcotics they are giving me (since I really can’t, it just feels normal). I wish I never had these accidental encounters. A weird side effect is that I tend to ask and answers that are so far from the topic at hand that they can hardly be called non sequiturs. For example, we will be talking about states we’ve been to. I will fall asleep for fractions of a second and when I wake up, I’ll ask a question about how long Emmie’s been sick for. I’ve been working on trying to imrprove this, but it always gets worse long before it gets better. I would apologize for this, but it’s just par for the course and something that people will have to deal with. At least it is usually pretty funny.

It was SO gorgeous today that none of us could stand staying inside for very long. I’m still not physically at the point where I can do a lot of gardening, but I was able to get some seedling planted and do some little tours of the garden to see all the little flowers starting to poke their little heads out. We even had some full on crocuses. Crocii?