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Draft written by Shannon, posted by her mom, Gretchen.

Last weekend, Peter and I had the privilege of participating in the most unique performances I’ve ever seen.

Hmm… now, those words aren’t even right. I can’t think of it as a “performance” or as something I “saw,” because the “audience” was intimately involved in every aspect of it.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Peter and I met Tim and Tara Rynders when we were all students in Reno way back in 2001. Peter and Tim had some classes together (I think?) and Tara and I danced in a student showcase together. Tara also had a solo that even then showed that she truly had a voice unique among all the homogeneity that was the Reno student dance scene at the time. Her movements were so vibrant, electric, and startling different, yet at the same time seemed to flow so naturally that there was no doubt but that this was Tara’s authentic voice.

Fast forward a decade or so, when we all found ourselves in Colorado. I began seeing Tara post about this “You and Me” thing on Facebook, and while my curiosity was piqued (especially when she took it on tour all through Europe), we weren’t able to attend a show until last week.

And O! what a show!

I hesitate to describe exactly what transpired from here, mainly because I feel as though the mystery added so much for me. The entire evening was utterly unexpected and therefore even more enchanting. But Tara has given her blessing for me to record my experience, and so I shall, if only to be able to give back to her the faintest reflection of the joy and beauty she gave to so many that night.

Watch this incredible video from Drummond West for a hint of the evening (this was literally all I knew of what to expect, but it’s more of an impressionistic painting of the emotions, rather than a roadmap):


So Peter and I show up to Tara’s house, where about 30-40 other people are milling about in the front yard, talking and drinking something delicious. We find Tim (the only other person besides Tara that we know there) and start to catch up a bit.