Draft written by Shannon, posted by her mom, Gretchen.

Oh my gosh… where to start? Probably with the death-cold (95% sure it was RSV) that gave Emmie bronchiolitis, a double ear infection and a trip to urgent care immediately after getting off the plane in Denver. Then I got the cold and got a sinus infection, laryngitis, as well as a bonus asthma flare-up that I’m still dealing with. I managed to Typhoid-Mary it and gave it to my mom and a good friend (I’m a very generous friend, apparently). Peter dodged that one, but was not so lucky with the stomach bug Emmie picked up almost immediately after recovering from the cold. Whee!

Last weekend was so bad it was funny. We still haven’t fully recovered.

On Saturday, Peter stayed home with an Emmie who was on the mend, relatively speaking, while I was at work. The Emmie who was “feeling better” still managed to have MULTIPLE incidents too disgusting to print, including one that required a bath for both Daddy AND baby. (And THAT, my friends, is why sometimes being at work is easier than being at home!). I got home that afternoon to a well-bathed baby who seemed in good spirits. Not 30 minutes after I was back, Peter and I looked at Emmie and realized she looked… blue. Noticeably and distinctly dusky around the lips, quite blue in the lips, with purple-ish blue hands and feet. Hmm. Not exactly anything you want to see in your child. She seemed fine, wasn’t coughing, and was talking to us, so she wasn’t choking. A call to the nurse line recommended we head to urgent care… which of course closed in 30 minutes.

So we get things in order, and get in Peter’s car, because the car seat in my car