This draft was written by Shannon and posted by her mom, Gretchen.

My friend Lynne, a preschool teacher for many years, often says that toddlers’ behavior at two is a preview of their teenage years. If that’s so, here is what we have to look forward to with Emmie:

Violent mood swings: Teenage Emmie will be the absolute soul of perfection, sweetness and light… then will start sobbing without warning. Probably because we put the Cheerios next to the Chex when she wanted them ON TOP. Or maybe she will be in the middle of a hissy fit because she wanted to put on her socks by herself but it was SO HARD and she can’t even bear to try to do it but WHY WON’T WE HELP? And then she will stop mid-whine/cry to comment on a new book she just spotted. Likelihood of teenage behavior: 100%.

Fantastic observations: Teenage Emmie

Desperate need for constant companionship: Teenage Emmie will be at her happiest when surrounded by people. The biggest difference between then and now is that Teenage Emmie will NOT love being surrounded by her family (the more the merrier!) and she will much prefer the company of her friends. Another difference: Those friends will not be imaginary. Likelihood of teenage behavior: 87%.

Non-stop talking: Teenage Emmie would offer a constant narration of her day, even the most mundane details. Embarrassingly, if she followed her toddler tendencies, this would also include detailed descriptions and personifications of her bowel movements. Fortunately, I think that is likely to fade before high school. The difference between then and now: Narration will be directed to friends, and may even be just silently texted (or telepathically transmitted, whatever the kids will be into in those days). Likelihood of teenage behavior: 24%.

Constant questioning: Teenage Emmie will always be asking “Why?” “Why do you drive like that?” “Why do