We went to Reno for Thanksgiving and had an epic time. For the first time in my life, there were babies at Thanksgiving. Multiple! In fact, we went from 1 baby to 4 in just a year! (To be fair, last year two babies existed, but one was sick and didn’t come). All the babies are almost exactly a year apart: Michael is 2.5, Emmie is 1.5, and Michael’s twin brothers are almost 6 months old. It was SO fun.

Giving Thanks - dinner

We also got to meet up with a couple of Reno friends, including Jen and her sweet boy Liam, who is just a touch younger than Emmie. We got some (blurry toddler) pictures of us with the two of them together, which means that we now have pictures of Jen and me pregnant together (literally the night I went into labor), when they were 3 & 4 months old, and now at 15 & 16 months. Such a fun tradition.


Giving Thanks Liam

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