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Emmie is a wonder. She may also already be the most spoiled, adored child already (although I really don’t believe infants less than a week old can be spoiled). Because my parents and brother have been in town, she has rarely not been in someone’s arms. She also has had more pictures taken of her than most celebrities, I think, and has pictures taken of her in every new outfit she wears.

This has all been quite lovely for me, as I spend most of my days feeding her, so the breaks when I can eat or otherwise relax are very nice. Once again, I have been incredibly lucky where Miss Emmie is concerned. For all my worries and fears around breastfeeding, so far she has taken to it like a superstar. Between the two of us, we have yet to encounter any of the challenges that seem so common to many breastfeeding mamas (difficulties with latch, soreness, etc.). We’re still getting the hang of timing down, but at least she isn’t constantly feeding from 1 AM to 6 AM anymore! I really, really hope that we are able to continue breastfeeding, since it is going so wonderfully and is such a nice bonding time.

Emmie is a wonderful baby (not that I have a lot of comparison, and not that I’m a very impartial judge!). So far, she mainly cries when she is hungry. Wet diapers and other discomforts don’t seem to bother her too much. At first, she also cried every time something changed (new person holding her, laying in a different position). I can’t blame her, since everything was always the same for 9 months! Now, she might briefly cry at a change, but settles in much more quickly.

I think the very best part for me (and most unexpected) has been how much she needs ME. I’m the only one in the world who can give her what she needs when she is hungry, and I can calm her just by holding her. Peter runs a close second, and she calms with him as well, but when she is hungry, only her mama will do. It’s an incredible feeling to be so connected to another human, especially since that human has only been on the planet for 6 days.

We have had some visitors over the past week, and I think we are able to “entertain” fairly well now, as long as people are aware that breastfeeding will almost certainly happen during the visit (I try to cover up with visitors, but have lost any sense of my breasts as anything other than feeding mechanisms around those I’m closest to). If people would like to visit, it would probably be best to call or email Peter.

Hmm… I had something else I wanted to say, but I can’t remember what it was now. And given my recent track record, I know I need to post this before I get distracted (by sleep, hopefully! Emmie is sleeping so I should be too!). If I get distracted, it will never get done for DAYS and then I will realize I never posted it DAYS later.

So here is the short, rambling post and I am off to bed. I’ll see about posting more pictures of Emmie and her increasingly chubby cheeks soon 🙂