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My initial burst of energy after by new lease on life is slowly fading and I am getting back to basics. Each day, I have at least a few guests that I try to rally for. Right now, I have my dearest friend Christine here from California. She and I have been friends for so long and and seen so many different things.

I also have many different plans I want to get started on. But already I can see the limitations my body is placing on what I can get done. I have fallen asleep at least 20 times since starting this piece (including full-on head jerks). I am achier than I have been in past and I just feel a little bit more “sick” than I have in the past. I think this time I know there is a very real drum beat we are working against this time. No more illusions created by denial. I have real work to be done and limited amounts of time to dod rk r=