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I had round 2 of Yervoy today, which is great! I want to keep getting as much medicine as I can to kill these bastards. I also met with my oncologist and he cleared me to go to Florida next week, which is also great. I’ll head to Reno for Thanksgiving with the rest of the family, and when I get back, I’ll have a big ol’ scan of everything, because I do not like this business of being blindsided. I admit I’m a little afraid to go two weeks until a scan, and I just have to keep praying that these new mets are not growing as quickly as I am afraid they are (based on no real evidence).

I’m feeling pretty good overall. I did a little workout tonight, since my doc reminded me I need to stay strong. I think I have my meds mostly figured out and should be in good shape.

I am so excited to go to Florida next week for a conference I’m presenting at with some amazing friends and coworkers, and while we are there, we are going to hit up Harry Potter land as well (so excited!). I’ll be damned if this stupid bastard steals any joy from my life.

I am filled with urgency. I cannot be complacent. Life is out there, waiting to be lived, and I have to do whatever I can, while I still can. GD2A0453-001