Almost midnight, need to sleep, but want to post. My mom and dad come in tomorrow; I can’t wait!

Harvest season in in full swing here. Note to self: ignore people who think gardens are busy in the summer. September and October are bananas. Or really, tomatoes, apples, tomatoes, peppers, apples, beans, apples, carrots, beets, tomatoes, chard, pumpkins and squash. And tomatoes and apples.

Emmie is back to being amazingly sweet and loving. At least 20 times a day, she will say “Mama, I love you” completely out of the blue. Melts me every time.

Driving in the car the other day, she said, “I love Mama!” “And I love Daddy!” “And I love dead people!” Ok…

I have been canning, freezing and pickling what feels like every night. Pear sauce, apple-pear sauce, apple butter, holiday spiced plum sauce, pear preserves in lemon and cardamom, preserved eggplant, peach salsa, spiced pear jam are done, frozen kale, frozen squash, and many more things still to do. LOTS more apple butter is needed at the rate we are eating it already, plus I’d like to try some apple juice, apple chips and apple pie filling.

Food is stressing me the crap out, because we are also in the middle of figuring out a bunch of stuff about Peter’s diet, and basically he and I need to eat opposite diets. I think we are starting to figure out his stuff, then I’ll need to figure out how to make my stuff work within his framework. I’m hoping when Mom and Dad are here, I can have some time to sit down and figure out some meal plans. Even if we eat the same thing every week, at least we will have food to eat.

I have not forgotten about documenting New York. That too may come when Mom and Dad are here.

OK, to bed!