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I mentioned some of Emmie’s sweetness yesterday, but tonight’s bedtime reminded me of just how much I am loving Emmie at this age.

As I lay next to her tonight, singing her songs, she looked into my eyes and just smiled, face full of love for me. She then stretched out her tiny hand and put it on my cheek, still gazing into my eyes, and whispered “I love you, Mama.” Melted… Later, she gently touched me under my chin, in just the same way I touch her.

I love how she whispers. She almost puts out no air, practically just moving her mouth, so the result is just precious little pops of air, usually almost inaudible unless your ear is right next to her.

I love how she will spontaneously tell me that she loves me, especially if I’ve been away at work. She will run up to me and leap into my arms, then snuggle her whole body into mine. Even if she can be a stinker at other times, moments like these make me forget about the world, and just live within her joyous smile.