Two years ago today, I got The Call. I found out I had cancer.

What seemed like a death sentence at the time now feels joyous somehow. Last year, I was so nervous about my feelings going into this anniversary and the anniversary of Alicia’s passing the very next day. I was so afraid of feeling sad and scared that I organized a fundraiser for Hope for Two and was able to donate almost $1,000 to that great organization.

This year, I felt no such foreboding. For one thing, I’m kept much too busy to have too much time to dwell on things, but mainly, I just feel so incredibly lucky. I am here. I have been able to see many of Emmie’s firsts. I’ve experienced the very things that were far too painful for me to even try to imagine two years ago. First steps. First words. Tiny triumphs. Never-ending nights. Seeing Emmie’s personality blossom and her own independence begin to form.

I want to be there for so many more firsts, and lasts, but for now, I’m so thrilled that our little family has made it this far.


If you know someone who is pregnant with cancer, please let them know about Hope for Two: Pregnant with Cancer. Not only can this incredible organization provide stories of hope and success, but it also will match up newly diagnosed women with a support woman who has survived the same cancer, often at a similar point in the pregnancy. One in 1,000 women will be diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Chances are very good that one of you reading this will know another woman who will be diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Please remember this information in case you ever need it, although of course I hope you never do.