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I am so, so excited the Christmas season is finally here, but I’m also overwhelmed at how much stuff I have to get done (i.e., I’m just like everyone else ever). I have come to accept that some things will just not get done and that is OK, but other things simply HAVE to get done. For example, the 12+ people coming to stay with us over Christmas *might* like to have clean towels and sheets. And possibly even beds. Probably.

I’m not trying to put any crazy Pinterest-pressure on myself to have the Best! Christmas! Ever! but at the same time, Emmie is now old enough to have a vague idea of things that are happening and so I’d like to make this time just a little special and different for her. I hung the stockings up today while she was at daycare and Peter said that when she got home, she noticed them and signs “socks.” How exactly does a baby know that these weird shapes hanging over the fireplace are supposed to be oversized socks? Mind boggling.

In any case, I have loads of lovely pictures from Thanksgiving (not getting posted anytime soon), Emmie’s monthly letter half written (hopefully getting posted before next month) and a ton of terribly-detailed, not-terribly-interesting-to-anyone-except-me-and-my-speechie/language-pals observations about Emmie’s blossoming language (probably not getting posted soon). All of which will likely take a back seat to the sewing, baking, crafting and movie watching that this time of year practically demands.

I was going to put in a cute picture of Emmie from Thanksgiving, but none of those pictures are loading right, so here’s one that’s from about a month ago. Blah, blah, blah… BABIES!