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In the last post, I alluded to one of the firsts: Emmie’s first time swimming. Jen & Jeff, and their gorgeous son C came to visit, and we had the best time. Emmie & C are only a few months apart and it’s amazing to see how different personalities can be, even in infants (he flirted and made friends with literally everyone he could see in the restaurant, while Emmie quietly observed from my lap).

After that, in the past 4 whole days, Emmie has:

  • Gotten up on her hands and knees
  • Eaten her first finger foods (sushi rice, followed by mashed asparagus, quinoa, and puffed brown rice)
  • Successfully moved her body forward 1-2 feet in a direct line (no more rolling and EVENTUALLY moving forward). It still ain’t pretty, but it’s there!
  • Mastered picking up food items and putting them in her mouth (pincer grasp is still emerging).
  • Imitated movement quite clearly (specifically, me wiggling my shoulders while dancing, and the she immediately began wiggling her shoulders too).

I’m really glad she’s going through such a huge developmental spurt, because otherwise our sleep was going to hell for no reason (boycotting naps, waking 4 times a night with ear-piercing screams, with no way to calm, etc. etc.). Thankfully, it just looks like that damn 8 month sleep regression. So we’ll just grin and bear it, and try to get through it as best we can, since learning so much all at once is REALLY hard work!

Here are some videos I took today showing some of these new skills.



And self-feeding: