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I’ve been terrible at this game. I’m still taking the pictures every week, but haven’t uploaded them anywhere. Time to remedy this!

Week 24 & 25 were Christmas in Michigan (hence not in the normal chair) and Week 27 looks so funny because this was the week we learned We Can Rock the Chair. So every single shot from that day was of her trying to rock the chair (very cute in real life, does not make for very good pictures). Week 28 is her in the antique christening gown I wore when I was baptized, mainly because it fit her like a glove and I wanted her to get in it before she outgrew it. I have some pretty amazing pictures of her in this same gown from over Thanksgiving that I will have to share as well.


Lots of little things going on, but nothing life-changing (thank God). I had a follow-up chest x-ray last week and got the call this morning that everything is normal (yay!). Peter and I are embarking on a new budgeting venture thanks to the generosity of our friends Jill & Scot in sharing their knowledge and experience and I’m already excited about what this might mean for our future and feeling a little more financially secure. Plus: spreadsheets!

We had a really fun playdate with the three babies who were all due a month apart from each other at work (Emmie was the last). The cuteness was pretty much unbearable as they all grabbed each other’s hair, patted and screeched at each other and generally were very cute.


I haven’t sewn anything since Christmas*. This makes me sad (but still not very motivated). I’ve tried all manner of things to motivate myself: writing out a list of projects I want to do, pulling out favorite fabric, mentally going through certain projects, step-by-step, figuring out exactly how I will tackle them… as soon as I do them. Yet every night, when I have time to sew, I end up on the internet or starting a blog post or folding laundry or watching a DVD of Modern Family. Anything but sewing. It’s no good at all. I need some motivation!

*I just remembered, I DID make Emmie her tag blankie, which she uses every night to put herself to sleep. It turned out even better than I had hoped, and I want to make more as gifts… but I haven’t started on those.