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We have a mover. Within the span of a week, Emmie went from being content to VERY occasionally rolling over, to rolling from front to back to front with the clear intention of GETTING THINGS.

At first I was all melodramatic and like, “Our life as we know it is over!” And then I was like, “Oh wait, no really. OUR LIFE AS WE KNEW IT IS OVER. FOREVER MORE.” Not that this is a bad thing, since this is pretty much what having babies means, but it does mean that life is forever changed in a fundamental way, just as having a baby who TALKS will change our lives, as will having a baby who IS A TEENAGER and DRIVES, etc.

We now get to play keep-away, and ew-what-is-that-in-your-mouth and quick-catch-the-baby until… well, I’m not really sure when that ends (see: boyfriends, tongue piercings, and sneaking out after curfew).

But in the present, Emmie is utterly thrilled with herself and can spend many happy hours rolling back and forth, changing her angle to get new objects, or just rolling for the sheer joy of it all. We’ve only had a few upsetting moments, the worst of which was in the bathtub. The flip from back to tummy was helped by mommy (letting finally get a REALLY good cleaning of her back parts), and tummy time in the tub was FUN! And then she suddenly decided to flip back over… and whacked her head right into the side of the tub. Ah well, good thing we can all learn this new stuff together.

Now that she knows she can got GET things, she’s starting to get a little frustrated with things she can’t get. Like if we put something just in front of her, out of her reach, she’ll reach and reach and REACH, twisting and turning and rolling, trying to get it, but the scooting forward thing hasn’t happened. Yet. (Famous last words).

So now I am plotting a campaign to IKEA with Caryn, because we finally live within 2 hours of one (YAY!) and will be stocking up on $1.99 PATRULL socket covers, among other things. And I think I’ll also have to start vacuuming twice a day, since our carpets seem to attract all kinds of dirt and other gross things, not to mention the fact that Jasper can be relied upon to litter the carpet with dog toy innards within 10 minutes of me vacuuming. Every. Time.

Hooray for our little mover!