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Yes, everyone does it, and yes, this is really more for me than you. But maybe you can help me stick to some of these! Sans further ado:

  • Try to blog every weekday. I really liked NaBloPoMo, and I felt like it was a great motivator. I have a lot of drafts of posts and posts I keep meaning to write, but I always seem to have something more important to do (or I get distracted while online). Writing is important to me, and it’s equally important to me to have a record of my thoughts and experiences to share with Emmie someday.
  • Get out more. Now that Emmie is getting older and more interested in the outside world, I think this will be good for both of us. I still love a good day at home, but I would love to go do more things with her while we can.
  • Buckle down on finances. More of a personal goal for our family, but we have some longer-term plans that will require a little more financial planning.
  • Sew from my stash. I have MORE than enough fabric, so unless there is a specialty thing I *need* for a project, I want to try to only pull from my stash for my sewing. I am completely out of room for more fabric, so this is a necessary step.
  • Keep the house cleaner. Things got way out of hand with the baby and all her stuff, but Peter and I have been a little better about getting our small space back into shape. We are all happier when things are a little neater, so I really want to try to keep it that way.
  • Stay healthy. Duh. This one may be the one I have the least control over, but I want to keep doing what I’ve been doing (daily sunblock, avoiding excess chemicals when possible, eating more organic food, & I need to add more exercise too). I also want to keep

I’m sure there are others, but these are things on my mind these days. Do you have any goals for the new year?