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Every week, I take a picture of Emmie in the same chair, with the same bunny that her Fairy Grandmother (my Fairy Godmother) made for her. We do this so we have a frame of reference for how giant she is getting, which is rather.

Week 20, striking the modeling pose in her pink velour track suit.

Week 21, in the least awkward shot I could find.

She’s usually pretty amazing about posing. Once she started to smile with any regularity, she would smile for me while I took the pictures, which made for some really cute pictures. This week, though, she decided she wanted to do this super awkward head-down thing, like she was trying to look at the floor just beyond the edge of the chair. I somehow managed to get her to look up for this shot, which is very good for the cuteness factor, since the other pose was not so cute. She also is now attempting to eat the bunny much more regularly, which is also amusing.

For some comparison, here is the picture from Week 1 (exactly one week old, right after the 4th of July):

Ack! The tiny-ness! Look at those itty bitty feet! I can’t get over it!

OK, I’m trying something new here with a gallery of all of the weekly shots (except 3 of them, which were too big to upload and I’m too tired to resize right now. Maybe tomorrow). Hopefully this works!

And in other, AWESOME news… today is the last day of November! That means I made it through NaBloPoMo and posted every day! (I think). Woohoo! I probably won’t post EVERY day in the future (mostly since there’s only so much people can read), but I will try to post often. Thanks for reading!